This help is for the old designer version. Read how to use New Catalog Builder.

Quick Catalog Builder is a Catalog Designer mode for fast catalog updates. It focuses on manipulation with products and linked templates. Learn how to add products to the catalog.

To use Quick Catalog Builder follow the steps below.

1. Launch  Quick Catalog Builder 

from the Designer toolbar

or from the catalog list page


2. Add products with templates

 Select a template first

And add products to your catalog with a selected template. You can choose to add a collection that can be managed separately.

3. Make changes to your product pages

The left panel displays your products + page list (pages are displayed if their elements are not added as products with template). The right panel displays a final catalog layout automatically built based on any changes in the left product + page list.

  1. Filter products by text, categories or collections for faster selection
  2. Reorder pages  with drag and drop in the right page panel
  3. Reorder (drag and drop), edit or remove products in the right panel
  4. Make bulk changes:
  • Change a template for selected items
  • Reorder products by any field
  • Remove selected products from the catalog

Note: Quick Builder can only recognize product elements that are added from the Add Products with template pop-up. Other elements can be reordered or removed in this mode only as a part of the whole page.

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