Catalog Machine can quickly import or update products from your Magento site. After import you can add additional custom fields and images to products  for use in catalogs. 

To import products from Magento site follow the steps below.

A. Configure Magento to enable service access to products from the System menu

1. Add a role for the service (System > Web Services > REST - Roles)

These Role API resource access required

2. Define attributes for retrieval (System > Web Services > REST - Attributes)
Here is the list of minimal attributes needed. You can add more and we will match name with your product category field (e.g. Color)

3. Create and copy Consumer Key and Secret in Magento Admin (System > Web Services > REST - OAuth Consumers)

4. Add Administrator user to this role (System -> Permissions -> Users)

B. Import from Catalog Machine

1. Go to

2. Copy Consumer Key and Secret and adjust admin part if you have different than admin (e.g. for, you should enter admin123)

3. Authorize Catalog Machine. First connection will require you to login as admin and authorize app.

4. Select products for import or update. Choose a product category (if you selected new unimported products) and click Import. Optionally, you can import products into a collection.

5. You products, images and combinations are imported and can be used now to create catalogs!

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