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Using Image manager
Using Image manager

Advanced image upload, edit and bulk operations

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Image Manager – a central place to manage your images. Go to or use left menu

1. Add folders for better image organization.

2. Advanced upload
You can upload files by drag and drop or selecting from your computer drive and crop / resize, rotate and rename before upload.

Crop, rotate or resize image before upload

3. Create products from uploaded images

4. Upload images from web address or data string

Data url - encoded image content in the string (starting from ) - e.g. data:image/png; base64,/9j/4AAQSkZ... You can use Catalog Machine export or tools like to generate Data url

5. After images are uploaded, you can delete / move, crop / resize them in batch by selecting them. Click on list button to open a page with all image files, ready to download.

6. You can edit, download and re-upload  individual images. You can see linked products and filter by category and collection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Catalogs and products store a link to the image path in collection (e.g. Sample/my-image.jpg) not the image content. If you rename or move image, the link will be broken and image will be missing. Therefore, if you do change image folder or name, please, update your links in catalogs and products.

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