Catalog Machine can quickly import or update products from your eBay store. After import you can add additional custom fields and images to products  for use in catalogs. 

To import products from eBay follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to eBay Import page from left Import menu or simply go to

2. Enter your eBay store name, keywords  (optionally), region for search and click Preview Products button. 


  • Ensure you are using correct eBay region

  • Catalog Machine imports products from eBay store and do not support import of eBay sellers items directly (by user name) yet.

3. Select products for import or update. If you have many products, you can move to other pages and import product again.

4. Choose a product category (if you selected new unimported products) and click Import. Optionally, you can import products into a collection.

6. You products are imported and can be used now to create catalogs!

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