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Managing multiple users and accounts
Managing multiple users and accounts

How to add users to your account and have multiple accounts

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You can add multiple users to your account and have more than one account linked to your login.

Managing additional users

2. Add new users by entering their email address

3. Choose user account permissions and click Invite button

4. Your user will receive invite email. You can copy invite link and share yourself, resend or revoke invite.

5. Once your user clicks on the link, it will be asked to sign up or sign in (if they already registered with Catalog Machine) and will join your account.

You can edit user permissions later or delete removing all access to your account.

Adding more accounts to your login

Other Catalog Machine users can invite you to join their accounts following steps above.

Also, you can quickly add new accounts to your login.

1. Click on Account drop-down and select Create New Account

2. Enter your new account business name and click Create New Account

3. Your new account is created, and you can use it or switch to another account

NOTE: you can link only two free new accounts (as an account owner) and the unlimited number of paid accounts. 

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