Include your other catalogs in the master catalog. You can avoid duplicated design effort by

  • reusing the same catalog pages in different master catalogs

  • applying different settings (as a base price) to the same catalog having the same content but different pricing

NOTE: A master catalog ignores Table of Contents pages from sub catalogs. Add Table of Contents to the master catalog and it will reference sub catalog pages.

To add a sub-catalog follow steps below:

1. Click on New Page in the top left or select More Types in the right panel.

2. Select a catalog that you want to include. You can include multiple sub-catalogs

3. Included catalogs become part of the main catalog as special pages. You can

  • edit their settings and change a catalog to another

  • delete or move these pages as any regular page

A master catalog applies own settings to these sub-catalogs as a base price or theme (if you use default theme in a sub catalog).
These master settings allow you, for example, to use different pricing for the same prepared sub-catalog.

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