In this article, we combined a series of how-to videos that will help you to learn Catalog Machine fast and easy. You can watch all of them or select one that answers your question.

Video 1. Products

- How to manage an existing product database? How to filter products by fields and categories?

- How to create a new product manually?

- How to import multiple products at once as a CSV file?

- How to import products from Shopify?

Video 2. Categories

- What are the main 2 rules to remember working with Categories?

  1. 1 product belongs to only 1 Category

  2. Category define fields

- How to create a new Category or edit the existing one?

- How to add new Product Fields? How can you present resale and wholesale prices at one Catalog? How to insert several images of one product?

- How to move products among the Categories?

Video 3. Templates

- What is a Template, and how is it connected with a Category?

- How to edit existing Templates or create a completely new one?

- How to insert fields to the Template and remove them?

- How to make a design you want to see?

Video 4. Product Grids

- What is a Product Grid? How does it connect to a Template?

- How to generate a new Product Grid or edit the existing one?

- How to add products to the Grid?

- How to define the number of products per page?

Video 5. Price List

- How to create a new Price List or insert a Price List to the Catalog?

- How to make new fields for a Price List?

- How to manage products at the Price List?

- How to change the design of the Price List?

Video 6. Ordering System

- How to enable orders for a digital Catalog and a Showroom?

- How to set up an online Ordering form?

- How to send an automatic confirmation email to your customer?

- How does the whole process of online ordering look like for your customer?

Video 7. Inventory

- How to add products to the Inventory?

- How to sort and filter your Inventory?

- How to change the quantity of the available products (manually and automatically)?

- How to export the Inventory list?

Video 8. Payments

- How to set up Online Payments for a digital catalog?

- How to connect Catalog Machine and Stripe accounts? Or how to create a new Stripe account?

- How to define currency, tax, and shipping cost?

- How to set up automated Inventory Management for online Payments?

Video 9. Showroom

- How to set up a new Showroom?

- What is the difference between Default Details Template and Default List Template?

- How to make a unique for one product or one category Template?

- How to format your Showroom brand color?

- How to look at the Showroom with your customers' eyes?

Video 10. Multiple Images

- How to create a new product field for the second/third/... product's image option?

- How to upload the second/third/... image to the product database?

- How to insert the second/third/... image field to the product template and use it in your catalog?

Video 11. Catalog Page Layout

- What is a catalog page layout? Why would you need it?

- What are a catalog page layout's elements?

- Where can you find the predefined page layouts? How to use them in your catalog?

- How to design a unique page layout?

- How to share your catalog page layout with other users of the Catalog Machine platform?

Video 12. Multiple Pricing

- How to create several price product fields?

- How to insert several price fields to the temple and use both of them in your catalog?

- What is Base Price? Why would you need it?

- How to use a Base Price feature in your catalog and/or your Showroom?

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