Create and update product data and images with one CSV file import. 

You can update all or selected fields for existing products.

Before Import

Catalog Machine will import products from CSV file into single product category

Create or update your product category for the fields you are planning to import:

Check quick demo video for creating  an automatic catalog from CSV

Prepare CSV file

You can re-format existing CSV file with your products to meet our requirements or download CSV file from Catalog Machine in right format:

  • Use product export to get CSV file for existing products that you can re-import after edit in external program.

Edit your CSV file with product information in Excel, Google docs , OpenOffice or other spreadsheet program

Image fields (Image type in product category field) support 3 source formats

  • Relative path - for already uploaded images (folder / image name) in Catalog Machine storage - e.g. Products/123.png
  • Absolute url - any public web address of the image  (starting with http:// or https://) - e.g. http://mysite/com/images/product.png. Catalog Machine will download and add these images to the storage.
  • Data url - encoded image content in the string (starting from ) - e.g. data:image/png; base64,/9j/4AAQSkZ... You can use Catalog Machine export or tools like to generate Data url

You cannot import images from your desktop, but can from public links to Dropbox, Google Drive images, etc.
Important format notes:

  1. The first row should have the same column names as the product Category fields.
  2. The first column should be a product Code to help matching it with existing products or creating a new if Code doesn't exist in your product database.
  3. Columns for Rich Text fields ( Rich Text type in product category field) can contain plain text or basic html (css is not supported).
  4. Code, Name, Rank (used for ordering products in Showroom) and Showcase (status in Showroom: 1 - show, 0 - hide) are special fields for any product category.
  5. Ensure that your product category contains all custom fields with correct name and type

Save the file in CSV format 

  • Excel (save in Unicode format to support non-Latin characters):
  • Google Drive:

Import Products

  1. Navigate to Product import page or click CSV sub menu under Products 
  2. Select target import product  category
  3. Upload prepared CSV file to start import
  4. Ensure that the import is successful and don't have any errors that require correction
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