The URL to the product’s page on Etsy, Shopify, etc. is imported with other product information and automatically stored in Store Link field. Also, you can use your custom link (a full web address starting with http:// or https://) in any product field added to the product category.

To display this link in your catalog or Showroom follow the steps below.

1. Import products from your store or enter external product link into your product field.

2. Drop product text element to the designer: Catalog, Layout or Template.

3. Add a text for link, and open a text editor popup

4. Switch to the code view (HTML editing) and insert a link from the text editor toolbar with a field token {{Store Link}}. You can use the same way other product fields with links. You can use a static text or other fields for the link label.

<a href="{{Store Link}}">My Product Link</a>
<a href="{{Store Link}}">{{Name}}</a>
<a href="{{My Link}}">{{Name}}</a>

5. Switch back to the  design view and save text. The link is configured now!

If you added a link in the template or layout editor, the link will be filled once you attach a product.

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