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Catalog page layouts

How to use, import and create catalog page layouts

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Page Layout is a composition of predefined page elements that can be added as the catalog page in one click and quickly filled with images, text or product information. You can select layouts from predefined standard layouts, import from other users or build your own.

Add a layout as a catalog page

By adding a layout, you add placeholders for several page elements in one click. Once layout is added, you can drag and drop a product or an image to the placeholder and it will be converted into the text or image element linked to the product.

To add and use a predefined layout to your catalog page follow the steps below.

1. Click the New page button in Catalog Designer and select a layout from the menu.

2. Drag and drop images or products to the layout placeholders or edit text directly. You can drop products on both text and image placeholders that will fill product information and images only on image placeholders.

3. You can continue with adding new pages using layouts or go to layouts page and create, edit or import layouts.

Create and edit your custom layouts

The Layout Designer is similar to the Catalog Designer with one distinction: some elements (such as images or product text) are placeholders. These placeholder should be filled once they added to the catalog page as part of this layout.

Design a page layout following the steps below.

1. Navigate to layouts page  on the left hand side and click Add new layout button or select existing for edit.

2. New layout: Fill layout properties. Check if you want to share this layout with other Catalog Machine users.

3. Design your layout by dragging and dropping layout elements. Some elements (image, product text) are placeholders that will be filled with real images and product information on a catalog page.

Important: do not use individual product text and images. Instead use placeholders for product fields: {{Name}}, {{Price}}, etc. and image placeholder elements

 4. Test your layout with different orientation, themes, colors and fonts.

Please read below how the products are assigned to layout elements.

By default, the system will assign products one by one to the layout elements. However, if you entered the element name, the product will be assigned to all elements with the same name. See the picture below for example

Import layouts

You can search shared layouts and modify them for own design purposes on Import Layouts page. These layouts will be copied into your own Layouts collection.

Click 'copy to modify' button to add to My Layouts collection.

Later, you can ‘Like’ the original layout and update if it is changed by the owner. Share your layouts as courtesy to other users.


Product Price Lists

Layouts can include Product Price Lists. Read more about product list configuration.

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