With Catalog Machine, it is easy to extend your products with many fields (descriptions, prices, images, product attributes and specs, marketing information, etc.) and add the to the product display in catalogs and re-usable templates.

Configure product categories for the new fields

Any product belongs to a product category that defines a set of fields for the product. 

First, add new fields to the product categories. Go to categories page and add product fields. You need to specify a field name and type: text, image, rich text (if you need formatted text with fonts, colors, etc), money (for prices) or number

Read more about editing product categories and specific help for adding image fields and price fields.

Fill product fields

Edit your products and fill new fields with values. You can do it in many places: product list, catalogs, dashboard, etc. You can changes values in bulk, import new values from
or online shops.

Read more in creating and updating products.

Add product fields to your catalog 

Drop products from the product sidebar tab and select fields. Alternatively you can type a field in the existing product text box as a placeholder (e.g. {{My Field}})

Click on the added box to edit it and type or insert a field

Read more how to add products to your catalog.

Design templates for the new product fields

Navigate to templates page and create or select a template for edit.
Select a category for design and add new fields the same way as for catalogs or type a field placeholder directly.

Read more about editing templates.

Add new fields to your product / price list

Drop a new product list element or open a product list designer and add new fields 

Read more about creating product price lists.

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