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Product prices

How to manage, display and calculate product prices and currencies

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You have full flexibility to manage and display your product prices in Catalog Machine:

  1. Add and import price fields in various formats, e.g. $100 or 1,500 CAD or simple numbers as 500. You can change price display in templates as explained below.

  2. Use multiple prices per product - retail, wholesale, discounted and so on. You can display various prices in templates and select as a base replacement price for the catalog and Showroom. Read more about configuring different price fields.

  3. Displaying prices (and other money / number type fields) in custom format, e.g. {{Price:#.###,00}}. Read more below about number formatting,

  4. Calculate prices and other amounts in templates based on expressions, e.g. {{Calc: Price * 1.13 - Discount}}. Read more below about calculation expressions.

  5. Share and show product prices with Grids, Price Lists and Showroom using Online or PDF formats.

  6. Import and Export prices with CSV, or from your e-store.

Adding prices

1. Ensure you product categories have one or multiple price fields with data type Money or Number. You can do check and edit from categories page.

Warning: if you change price field name, you need to update all expressions in catalogs, templates and layouts.

2. Add prices for individual products on the product list page , product edit popup or import from CSV or e-stores. Read more about adding and updating products.

The price format could be flexible and you can change display later, e.g. 1000 or $1,000.99 or USD 1000.50 or 500 euro

Displaying prices

Prices are displayed in text elements in catalogs, templates or layouts. You can add a price placeholder to any place in the text. The placeholder will be filled from the field of your products.
For example while editing a Grid template you can add, change and format a price placeholder


Add a currency symbol to text, e.g. ${{Price}} if it is not stored as a part of your price field. See formatting below otherwise.

Formatting price

You can use custom formatting for the price using mask where
#,### - separator of the whole number thousands (use any separator, e.g. # ### or #.###)
.00 - separator and decimals for the fractions (e.g. #,00)
C is the currency symbol if it is entered (e.g. C #,###.00, or #,### C)

{{Price:#,###.00}} displays 1,200.50 for price field 1200.5
{{Sale Price:#}} displays number without fractions 10 for Sales Price field 10.99
{{MSRP: C #.###,00}} displays € 1,200,50 for MSRP field €1200.5, but 1,200,50 if no currency in the field.

Price calculation

You {{Calc}} placeholder to calculate amounts based on fields, expressions and numbers.
Format: {{Calc:Expression:Mask}} where mask is explained above
Expression is an arithmetic expression with operations +,-,*,/ and bracket grouping ()
Expression can use any product or variant fields with type Money or Number in any product text element.

{{Calc: 2 + 2}} displays 4
{{Calc: Price * 1.13: #.00}} displays 11.30 for Price field 10
{{Calc: Price * (100 - Discount) / 100: #,###}} displays 8 for fields Price = 10 and Discount = 15

Use parameters for shared values like currency rates or discounts

${{Calc: Price * USD Rate: #.00}}

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