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Export products to CSV
Export products to CSV

Exporting product data and images to CSV, Excel and Google Docs

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Export you product data with selected fields and images to CSV following the steps below

1. Go to Export page

2. Select fields and choose products for export. You can filter products by category, collection or text. For example you can only export products with only their description, images, or their prices.

You can convert formatted (rich text) fields into plain text with option Export rich text fields as plain text.

3. Select image path format

  • Relative path - (folder / image name) in the Catalog Machine storage - e.g. Products/123.png

  • Absolute url - public web address of the images in the  in Catalog Machine storage.

  • Data url - encoded image content in the string e.g. data:image/png; base64,/9j/4AAQSkZ... This option will embed image content in the CSV file to make it self-contained, but increase export file size significantly.

4. Click Export button and export file will be downloaded to your computer.

Displaying exported images in Google Docs and Excel

Google Docs

  1. Export products to CSV with selected Image fields and Absolute url format

  2. Open CSV in Google Sheets 

  3. Use function Image as explained here for corresponding columns:

  4. Optionally hide Image column

Excel has more complex way with VBA to display an image. Read steps here 

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