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Product Price List

Create and customize product and price lists

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A Product / Price List is a page fragment that displays your products in the table format. Catalog Machine provides few pre-built layouts (price list, product index, order form, etc.) with product lists that can be customized.
Learn more ways to add products to the catalog.

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Add a new product list in two ways -  

1. Select a price list layout in the Catalog Designer 

2. Or drag and drop a Product List element on the catalog page

Adding a product list element opens a product list editor to create and design the list

Product List Editor

A. Select products for the list

You have four options:

  1. Add individual products from the right list of all your products in the database

  2. Use catalog products - all products you have in this catalog with templates

  3. Use all my products - all your products you have in our system

  4. Select a collection - products from any product collection ordered the same way

All options will pick up any product field changes.  Last 3 options will auto-update a product list with including/removing products in the catalog, collection, or the whole database.

Edit an existing product list by clicking on the element to select and after click on Edit product list button. Please note that your changes to fields or design will override your manual changes to this element.

B. Product fields

Select fields you want to display in the product table.

1. Product category fields (select a category to add custom fields)

2. Special fields

  • Image:Fit:40:40 - image field thumb that fits into 40px by 40px area (you can edit dimensions later in the generated table text box)

  • Product Order Link - make an online order for this product

  • Product Page Link - generates a product page number with link for the product in online and PDF catalog (empty if the product is not in the catalog). You can use it as Table of Contents.

  • Product Page Link: Name (or Code) - same link as above but with the name field instead of page number

  • Quantity: Empty - empty cell with Quantity header for order forms, etc.

3. Variant fields - list of variant fields for the product

  • Use {{BarcodeImage}} or {{BarcodeImageExt}} to display a barcode image

You can select a sort-by field to change the original product order.

Fields, captions and text can be edited directly in the generated table

You can directly edit an HTML code

C. Design & Structure 

Configure product list appearance

  1. Group products by categories or collections or none

  2. Order group by Name or Rank

  3. Modify elements design and table border style

  4. You can set group background color to be used from category or collection

  5. Separate Variant Rows - put each variant on the separate product table row

Important: Expandable element

Enable expandable flag for the product list element to make it scrollable online and generate additional pages in PDF.

Advanced customization

Read more about advanced customization of price/product lists with code, formatting, and smart layout expressions.

Layouts with product list elements

You can create page layouts with product lists that can be reused in different catalogs (added as a new page). The configuration of the product list is the same as in the catalog.

In addition, you can save any catalog page as layout and modify for re-use as any regular layout.

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