Create and update grid pages with many products at once. You can select individual products or collections that will automatically update grids on any change. Each grid block has size (from 1/12 to full page) and a template for displaying a product.

Watch a video tutorial

Follow steps below to create or update your product grid:

1. Go to your catalog designer and open a Grid Manager screen

2. Select your products one by one or choose a product collection

3. Go to Grid preview step. Select Grid Size, Template and Create Grid

You can edit templates on this screen (click edit icon on template hover) or go to to customize or create new templates.

Selected Default template to have more flexibility with template assignments. 

  • First, the system will look for the product default details template
  • If it is not assigned, a category details template will be used
  • Otherwise, a system default template is used

Edit default templates here: 

4. Your grid is created and can be edited as any catalog page.

Please note that a collection grid page cannot be edited directly, but a collection or template can be changed from the page settings or Grid Manager.

5. Update existing grids with the same Grid Manager - change products, size, templates, or delete a grid

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