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Product Grids with Layouts
Product Grids with Layouts

How to customize product grids with layouts

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The Product Grid feature is using by default grids of the same size with a single template. You can customize it with layouts if you want to use different template sizes or other elements such as text or images.

Follow the steps below to create your custom product grid with layouts.

1. Create or import layout

While you can use standard layouts, you can also create your own or import layouts from other users. Read more about how to create page layouts.

The layout is a composition of elements and placeholders that can be added as a page and filled by product fields and images.

You can use static text, images, or placeholders for product fields in the text and images. Also, template and product list elements can be used to design a layout.

Please read below how the products are assigned to layout elements.

By default, the system will assign products one by one to the layout elements. However, if you entered the element name, the product will be assigned to all elements with the same name. See the picture below for example

2. Add a Product Grid with the Layout

Follow the same steps to add products in Grid Manager as with the standard grid

Start with creating or editing grid using Grid Manager

First, select products and go to Grid & Templates step

On the second step, toggle the Use Layouts option and select your layout

3. Manage and modify Grids

  1. The system will automatically re-generate grids on the product updates.

  2. Also, you can simply edit the generated pages manually as regular catalog pages

  3. Please note the system will replace existing grid pages if you want to change the layout or add/remove products.

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