With Catalog Machine, you can quickly generate and download a PDF file for different products. Moreover, you can put a link on your website to this file, so the PDF file will be automatically generated once your client clicks on the download button.

How can you generate and download PDF files for particular products?

All you have to do is to follow these simple steps.

Step 1.

It is possible with the help of the Showroom. So, the first step will be to set up your Showroom. Click here to know more about how to do it.

Step 2.

After finishing your Showroom, click Browse to preview it online.

And select a product for which you need to generate a PDF file.

Step 3.

Copy a products URL and modify it the following way:

  • Add a /download/ after the business name

  • Delete /#! After /showroom

For example:



Click enter.

The PDF file will be generated and downloaded automatically.

Step 4.

All you have to do now is change the product's code at the end of the link to generate PDF pages for the other products.

In the URL, the product's code is the last number.

For example, https://www.catalogmachine.com/beauty-templates/download/showroom/876441

To find out the other products' code numbers go to the product database.

Click Products on the left sidebar.

Search for the Code column in the appeared table.

Type in the needed product code number in the URL and click enter to download a PDF file.

Step 5.

Now you have to insert the link to the website.

For instance, you can create a Download button that will transfer your customers to the desired link.

Useful tip

You can do this URL trick not only for the individual products but also for the whole Showroom.

Go to your Showroom.

Click Browse.

Type in /download/ in the URL after the business name and click enter. The PDF file will be generated and downloaded automatically.

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