A parameter is a text, number, or image that you can change in one place and it will be updated everywhere.

Add parameters to your catalog content, headers, templates, showrooms, and any place with editable content in a few steps.

Add Parameters

  1. Go to the parameters page

  2. Click add a new parameter

  3. Enter parameter name and select type Text, Rich Text (can be formatted), Image, Number, or Money

Override parameter values

You can replace parameter values for specific catalogs, showrooms, categories, or collections. Order parameters by priority. For example, if the parameter has an override for the catalog and collection, you can select precedence (from the top).

Language parameters

Add language parameter overrides that will be replaced based on the view language.

Using parameters

Simply add a parameter to any text content block as {{Parameter Name}}, for example. {{Contact Information}}

Combine them with other product expressions to create parametrized content.

Use parameters in

  1. Catalog or template text boxes, headers, or footers

  2. Showroom site content

  3. Product fields

  4. Other parameters content

  5. Orders

Usage examples

  1. Image parameters

  2. Currency rates, discounts in the calculation

  3. Parameters with product fields display blocks

  4. Product fields with parameters

  5. Order form localization

1. Image parameters

Add image parameters and use image expression in your content

Example for an image sized to fit into box 100 x 50 pixels:

{{Business Logo:Fit:100:50}}

Example of use in another parameter

2. Currency rates, discounts in the calculation

Add currency rates, discounts, and other values for display and price calculation

Example of use in the template

${{Calc: Price * USD Rate: #.00}}

3. Parameters with product fields display blocks

Create blocks with often-used product fields to reuse in the catalogs

And use in catalog product text boxes, templates, product lists, etc.

You can enter the product list HTML code with expressions manually in any text box

<table style="width: 100%;border-width: 1px; border-style: solid; border-color: #cccccc;">
<tr style="background-color:#5a6685; color:#ffffff;">
<td>{{Product Fragment}}</td>
<td>{{Product Page Link}}</td>

4. Product fields with parameters

Use parameters in product fields

5. Order form localization

You can use language parameters in order settings to localize your custom text.

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