Group products into hierarchical collections for better organization and use. A product could be included in multiple collections with custom ordering. You can create collections manually or by importing products from CSV or e-stores. Learn how to use collections to add products to the catalog.

You can use collections for

To create and use collections follow the steps below

  1. Navigate to Collection page 

2. Create top and sub collections in a tree

Image thumbnail will be displayed in navigation and along with description in Showroom and other pages.

3. Add products and manage collections 

  • Add products one by one or add all filtered products at once.
  • Remove products individually or all (from Actions menu)
  • Reorder products manually by drag and drop or all by property (from Actions menu)

4. Quickly add or remove products from the product edit and batch edit pages

Automated Catalog Pages

Add products in collection as a catalog pages with selected template. Adding products to collection will automatically update catalog without need to edit a catalog.

  1. Add a new collection page to the catalog

2. Select collection and template. You can also select all your products as collection source.

3. Now you have an automated catalog pages that will be generated as online catalog or PDF for download

4. Change collection and template in Page Settings tab


Use collections as a main navigation in your Product Showroom. Enable collection use for navigation on the Showroom page. If you have a large collection tree you can enable auto collapse of menu items.

Showroom will display collections as a left side navigation instead of default category tree.

Image thumbnail will be displayed in a menu and a collection description as a page header


Import products into collections from CSV or e-stores

Product Price List

A collection can be a source for product price list configuration. Read more about product price lists.

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