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Importing products from WooCommerce
Importing products from WooCommerce

How to import products and images from WooCommerce store

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Catalog Machine can quickly import or update products from your WooCommerce store. After import, you can add additional custom fields and images to products for use in catalogs. 

To import products from WooCommerce follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to WooCommerce Import page from left Import menu or simply go to

Enter your store URL and click Preview button

Note: your store URL should be a secure connection with HTTPS, e.g.

2. Connect to WooCommerce and Approve Read Access for Catalog Machine app.

Important note: Ensure that you enabled API in WooCommerce settings. You can remove Catalog Machine access later from Keys/ App tab

3. Get products and select products for import or update. Choose a product category (if you selected new unimported products) and click Import. Optionally, you can import products into a collection.

4. Your products, images, and variations are imported and can be used now to create catalogs!

API access

You can set up access keys directly if you have a problem with Woocommerce authentication

1. Go to Woocommerce Advanced settings and create a new key

2. Paste consumer key and secret to Catalog Machine and import products after

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