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Sharing your catalog
Sharing individual catalog pages
Sharing individual catalog pages

How to display, share, send or download a subset of your catalog pages

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You can share individual catalog pages with your customers. You might want to show only specific pages, product categories or just send a couple pages for quick review and download.  Catalog Machine allows to limit a page range reducing size and speed of your catalog load.

Note: you customer can download the current page of online catalog in PDF format:

Read below how to configure a catalog link with page sub set.

Publish & Share page

The easiest way to prepare a page set is to use a Share popup for the catalog from the catalog designer

Share popup

Open a popup from a catalog list page: 

The popup allows you to enter a page set and automatically adjust all link to use it

Page Set Format

You can combine (with comma) individual page numbers and page ranges (use dash) in any order
Note: dash without following page number will add all pages to the end

Adjust your link manually
You can quickly adjust your shared links manually by adding pages=... parameter to your catalog url 

Online HTML:{your namespace}/catalogs/{catalog-permalink}.html?pages=1,3,6-9
PDF View:{your namespace}/catalogs/{catalog-permalink}.pdf?pages=1,3,6-9
PDF Download:{your namespace}/catalogs/{catalog-permalink}.pdf?download=true&pages=1,3,6-9 

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