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How to use barcodes for products and variants

Updated over a week ago

Catalog Machine can convert any product or variant field into Barcode 39 format. You can display them in catalogs, Showroom and your custom templates.

Follow steps below to enter and display barcodes:

1. Got to product edit. Enter a barcode in a product field or use variants barcode field

Read how to add new fields to the product category if you don't have a barcode field or variant options.

2. Edit templates or catalog text box to insert barcode image for your field

  • Use {{BarcodeImage}} or {{BarcodeImageExt}} to display a barcode image, if the field name is different from Barcode (e.g. MyField) use {{BarcodeImage:MyField}} or {{BarcodeImageExt:MyField}}

  • BarcodeImageExt - display image with a code text below, BarcodeImage - only image

  • Variant fields should be inside {{Variants}}{{/Variants}} iterator as in this example. Read more about product expressions.

{{SKU}} - {{Option}}

3. Format your barcode size - select a field and increase font size as needed

4. Product Price Lists support product and variant barcodes in the table. Use Product List Editor to select them for display

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