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Upload images from the local drive for CSV import
Upload images from the local drive for CSV import

How to import CSV with images on the local drive

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Alternatively, you can upload images directly from the local drive and link them to the product image field in CSV.

2. Use existing or create a new image folder for upload - you can create several folders with different names.

3. Go to the created folder and select images from your local drive - you can select many at once. If you have many large images or low memory, separate them in batches to avoid exceeding browser memory.

4. Upload images to the server. You can crop or rotate them before upload.

5. Verify that your images are uploaded.

6. Create your product CSV using our format rules - read more in CSV import article.

Put each image in the Image field column for the corresponding product following this format:


For example, if you uploaded image socks.png in the Upload folder, you should put Upload/socks.png. You can have Shirts/black-shirt-001.jpg, Fall/coat-image.png, etc. links based on your image organization.

7. Import CSV from and imported products will be linked with your uploaded images.

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