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How to create and manage product categories, fields and options

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Create as many product categories as you need for different types of your products. Each product category defines a set of fields and variant options for the group of similar products.

Important note: Consider using Product Collections for large hierarchical product trees in Showroom and other features. Unlike categories, the product can be included in multiple collections that can be multi-level and manually ordered.

To create a new product category follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the Product Categories page

2. Click the Create new category button.

3. Enter a category name and optionally select a parent category if you want to create a  hierarchy.  Override Showroom templates if needed.

4. Add,  edit or remove product fields. Enter a name and type for the new field.

Field types:

  • Text - any value

  • Rich Text - can be formatted in editor and stored as HTML

  • Date - stores dates and enables date picker

  • Number - any number, will not allow to enter invalid number

  • Money - stores amount and optional currency symbol (e.g. 1000 or $1,000.99 or USD 1000 or 500 euro)

  • Image - a special field that reference uploaded image, will and enables image picker / uploader

6. Add product options to the category to use with product variants. Read more on how to manage product options and variants.

7. When you're finished click Update Product Category button and you can now add new products for the created category.

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