You can add more images fields to your products and use them in catalogs and templates: 

  • First, add image fields to the product category 
  • Edit a product and upload images manually 
  • You can use CSV or store import (e.g. Shopify, Etsy) for filling these multiple image fields
  • Another alternative is to use product variants if you need images for product options

Follow the steps below for adding an image field and using it in the catalog.

  1. Configure your product categories with more image fields.

Go to categories page and add image fields to your category with data type Image.  You need to configure each category separately.

2. Add images to your products.

Add images on edit product screen

or use product list

3. Add images to your catalog
Read more about adding images to a catalog.

Add product images by drag and drop

You can change image fields for existing element

4. Design templates for multiple images.
 Go to and select / edit a template for multiple images.

  • Select your category with multiple images
  • Drag product image element, select correct fields 
  • Arrange template elements

Now you can preview this template and use in catalogs with your products and collections

Select your template for many products and collections or use Product Grid

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