You can add products to the catalog in a few ways. Explore how to use them and find the best approaches that work for you. Learn how to create new products before adding them to the catalog. 

The ways to add products to the catalog:

  1. On catalog creation - quickly add individual products or collections from the start
  2. Individual product text and image elements - use a designer to add a product text or images manually for custom display
  3. Individual product with a template - add one product with ready template for displaying product elements
  4. Multiple products with a template - fast way to add many product pages with the same template that can be re-arranged later. 
  5. Product collections - effective way to auto-generate product pages based on maintained in one place product collection and selected template
  6. Product pages from other catalogs- reuse your other catalogs in the master catalog
  7. Product price lists - list all your products in the table with custom fields, grouping and formatting to make Order Forms, Price Lists, Product Indexes / References, etc.

Read more detailed explanation for adding images to the catalog.

Let's review these approaches in more detail

1. On catalog creation - individual products or collections

You automatically start with catalog creation after sign up or when you start creating a new catalog

On the first step, you can select your individual products for the catalog or product collections (if you have them). Learn more about product collections.

Once you selected your products or collection, you can choose and preview on the next step a product template to display each product. You can always edit existing or create a new template for your products.

On the last step, you will create a new catalog with your selected products - all products will create multiple pages based on the template size.

If you selected collection, it will create collection pages that will be automatically updated with collection changes. 

Finally, click 'Create a catalog' and you can use the designer to make your catalog.

2. Individual product text and image elements

Add text and image elements if you want to build a custom display for your products without using templates. Open your catalog

Switch to the full catalog designer mode if you are in another mode

Add a blank catalog page or select existing to add your products.

Now you can drag and drop a product and select image or text field

You can edit and format text and add other fields to the same text box or static text

You can do the same with product images

Use page layouts that have these elements pre-defined and arranged as placeholders to quickly create pages. Add them from new page drop-down, scroll down to see all. 

You can create your own layouts or import and modify existing.

3. Individual product with a template

You can add individual products with templates in 2 ways. First as in the previous method with dragging and dropping a product.

Another way is to drop a template and select a product

4. Multiple products with a template

This is the fastest way to add many products with the same template. Select a template from the New page dropdown 

You will see the same screen as on catalog creation where you can select individual products or a product collection. All these products will be added to the catalog

The benefit of this approach is that you can use Quick Builder mode to quickly re-arrange or remove products in the catalog and change templates.

5. Product collections

Product collections can be added as a product source in the same place as individual product selection ( explained in methods above). The main benefit of this approach is that you can manage a collection - add / remove / re-order products in one place and it will automatically re-generate catalog pages. Read more how to create and manage product collections.

You can edit these pages from page settings tab

6. Product pages from other catalogs

This method simply allows to include pages from other catalog and create master catalogs

7.  Product price lists

List all your products in the table with custom fields, grouping, and formatting. Learn more about Product Price Lists. You can make Order Forms, Price Lists, Product Indexes / References and even alternative to Table of Contents.

You can add Product Lists with pre-built layouts or drag and drop element.

Product Price List editor allows to select products from 4 sources:

  • Individual products
  • Collection
  • Products in this catalog
  • All your products

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