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Add new product fields to display in your catalog
Add new product fields to display in your catalog

Extend products with more fields and display them in catalogs and templates

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With Catalog Machine, it is easy to extend your products with many fields (descriptions, prices, images, product attributes and specs, marketing information, etc.) and present it the way you want using templates.

Add a New Field into the product category

Category, products and templates are tightly connected to fields. The Category defines, products assign and templates present the fields. Read more about it here

So, to create a new field or edit the existing one, you should manage Product Categories. 

  1.  From the page menu on the left, click Products and select Categories. 

2. Use Create a new category or edit the existing one based on your needs. Further steps are similar.  

  1. Scroll down to the Product Fields section.

  2. Select Add new Field.

  3. Name a new Field and select a type of data that you will present: text, image, rich text (if you need a formatted text with fonts, colours, etc), money (for prices) or number.

  4. Don’t forget to save changes.

You may be also interested in reading more about editing product categories and specific help for adding image fields, price fields and displaying product prices.

Fill product fields

After creating a category, you should put products in it. If you have already imported your products to the platform, you should simply move it to the needed category.

To update products manually.

  1. Go to Products.

  2. Click on Add new product to enter product information manually. Or, press on the existing product and type the information into the cell. You can also import it into the empty field. 

 You can also import products via CSV, Etsy, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magneto, Shopify, eBay.

Add product fields to your catalog 

You need to use Templates to set up your field presentation. 

  1. Select the Template icon on the right part of the screen.

2. Move the mouse into the desired template and press on the appeared pencil icon. 

3. Here you can manage all the fields and template design. To add a needed field into the template, find the one from the list on the right part of the screen and press + icon in front of it. 

Read more about editing templates.

Add new fields to your product / price list

  1. Go to the catalog and select the Price List icon.

2. Select one of the price list templates and click on it.

3. Add products to the price list and go to Fields section. 

4. You will see all possible fields to include in the price list at the left part of the screen. Select the needed one and click Add in front of its name. 

5. The field will appear on the right part of the screen, which means it will be shown in the created price list. Press Create list.

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