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Ranking Products: Catalog and Showroom
Ranking Products: Catalog and Showroom

How to order and sort your products in a catalog or/and a Showroom? How to order products using collection custom ranking?

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With Catalog Machine, you can preset the products in different orders.

Here you will find out how to rank products for a new or existing catalog and a Showroom.

Ranking Products: New Catalog

First of all, check out how to create a new catalog here.

Secondly, once you upload products from the database to the catalog, find the ‘Order products by filed’ option on top of the screen.

In this case, products in your catalogs will be ranked in alphabetical (A-Z) or numerical (1-9) order.

If you want to customize the order, use the Rank field.

After that, go to the Products.

Select the Rank number and type in the product’s order number.

This is how you can manually order your products.

Ranking Products: Existing Catalog

To edit products’ order in the existing catalog, you need to use grids.

Important: you can rank products only within one grid.

  • Select the needed catalog.

  • Click on the Grids icon on top of the left sidebar.

  • Put the cursor into the grid and click on the pencil icon.

Here, the actions are similar to the product ranking in the new catalog.

Click on Order products by field and select the field.

After, go for New Grid on the bottom right corner.

Ranking Products: Showroom

Creating your Showroom, you can rank not only products but for categories as well.

However, here you have only two options for sorting: Name and Rank.

Click on the Name if you want to sort products in alphabetical order. Or use the Rank option and customize the order as we discussed above.

Ranking products within a collection

You can change the products’ order inside one collection.

Important: If you use a collection to sort your products, the system will neglect the order in the product database.

To rank products with help of collections you need to:

  • Go to Products on the left sidebar

  • Select Collections

  • Click on the existing collection or create a new one

  • Go for Order products on top of the page

  • Use a field for products’ ranking

The other way to change the order of products within the collection is to manually drag them.

Click on the icon on the left side of the product’s name and drag it to the place, you want the product to be placed in.

In this case, if you create a catalog or a grid based on the collection, the products’ order will be predefined by the collection setting we have just set up.

Creating a Showroom you can also use Collections for navigation and order them.

Simply change the settings that are highlighted in the next picture.

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