You can have different product price levels and use them in similar catalogs (e.g. retail and wholesale price levels).

Follow the steps below to build a catalogs with different price levels.

1. Go to categories page and add product fields to your category for additional price levels with data type Money.  You need to configure each category separately.

2. Use {{Price}} placeholders everywhere in your templates or text elements in the catalog.

Set a Base Price Field in Catalog properties. Now all the {{Price}} tokens will show this price.

Use master catalogs to re-use the same catalog pages with different pricing.

3. Alternatively, you can use your additional price fields directly in templates and catalogs

and price lists

4. You can copy an existing catalog and change Base Price field to another price field in catalog properties of the new catalog copy from the catalog list page.

5. Use bulk Assign Field action in the products page if you need to calculate a price for many products based on other price field.

Or you can use edit in Excel and product re-import for fast product field changes.

6. Finally, you can set Base Price Field for Showroom as well.

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