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Configuring different price fields
Configuring different price fields

How to build catalogs for different price fields of your products

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Multiple pricing in a catalog

You can create several prices for one product to use them in different catalogs. One catalog could be for retailers and another one for wholesalers. We call it different price levels.  

Create catalogs with different price levels in 7 easy steps.

 1. From the page menu on the left, click Products and select Categories.

 2. Create a new category (for which you will do multiple pricing) by clicking at Create new category on the top right corner. If you want to do multiple pricing for the existing category, select a pencil icon in front of the category name. 

To find more info on how to create a new category, click here

3. Scroll down to the Product Fields section and click Add new field. In the pop-up menu that appears to write a field’s name and select Money as a type. Click Apply.  

4. Now, if you go to a Products – All products section, you will see a new field appeared. Write down needed price options for existing products, create a new product manually or upload a list of products automatically. Read more about how you can use CSV, store import (e.g. Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce),  or websites, Google Drive, Dropbox.

5. Go to a catalog you want to include the created price option. Here select Product Grids at the right part of the screen. 

6. Go to the Grid Template section. Select the desired Template by clicking on it. Then click on the pencil icon that appears when a mouse cursor is pointing into the template option.   

7. In the popped-up window, fined a created field at the right part of the screen and press + icon in front of it. After the name of the field should appear in the working area. Save changes. 

IMPORTANT! Changes that been made in a template will take place across ALL the catalogs this template is used. 

Pricing in a Price List 

  1. Go to the catalog and select the Price List icon.

2. Select one of the price list templates and click on it.

3. Add products to the price list and go to Fields section. 

4. You will see all possible fields to include in the price list at the left part of the screen. Select the needed one and click Add in front of its name. 

The field will appear on the right part of the screen, which means it will be shown in the created price list. Press Create list.

Selecting a Base Price for a Catalog 

Set a Base Price Field in Catalog properties. Now all the {{Price}} tokens will show this price.

You can copy an existing catalog and change Base Price field to another price field in catalog properties of the new catalog copy from the catalog list page.

Use bulk Assign Field action in the products page if you need to calculate a price for many products based on other price field.

Or you can use edit in Excel and product re-import for fast product field changes.

Multiple pricing in a Showroom

The process of setting up several prices in a Showroom is similar. 

  1. Create needed pice files in the category.  Follow steps 1 to 4 in the previous section.

  2. Go to your Showroom and select the Base price field on the right part of the screen. Find a needed field in the appeared menu. 

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