After creating a new catalog, you will see a screen with the following features

1. Compose a page - click or drag & drop elements like products, images, text or special product lists, templates from the right panel.

2. Add new pages - blank or other page types: cover, price list, line sheet, etc.

3. Create Product Grids - multiple pages with product blocks and assigned templates. Read more about creating and updating grids.

4. View, reorder and delete pages in the left page list panel

5. Save, restore or undo catalog changes on the top bar. Use clipboard for pages and elements.

6. Preview online catalog or download PDF from the View / Download menu above the page list.

7. Modify catalog setting (from the left sidebar menu) - pages size, font, colors, header / footer, etc.

8. Copy, delete a catalog or switch to other catalogs by clicking a catalog name in the top bar

9. Publish and share a catalog in different formats

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