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Adding products to your catalog
Adding products to your catalog

Learn the best ways to add products to your catalog

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You can add products to the catalog in a few ways. Explore how to use them and find the best approaches that work for you. 

The ways to add products to the catalog:

A. Individual product text and image elements or a template

Use a designer to add a product text or images manually for custom display

1. Drag or click on the product element to open your product list

2. Select or drag a product from your list

3. Select a product element - text box with fields, product image, or a template - to display a prepared arrangement of product elements.

B. Use Product Grids to add products and collections

The fastest way to add many product pages with the same template that can be re-arranged later. Learn about Product Grids.

Use collections to automatically re-generate product grid pages on adding / modifying products in the collection.

C. Product price lists 

List all your products in the table with custom fields, grouping and formatting to make Order Forms, Price Lists, Product Indexes / References, etc.
Learn about Product Price Lists configuration.

D. Product pages from other catalogs

Reuse your other catalogs in the master catalog. Click on New Page or select More Types in the right panel.
Read more about master and sub-catalogs.

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