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Adding more images to your product
Adding more images to your product

How to add multiple images to your products and use in catalogs

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Follow these simple steps to have more than 1 image per product.

Option 1:  Managing products from the platform 

1. From the page menu on the left, click Products and select Categories. 

2. Create a new category (for which you will do multiple pricing) by clicking at Create new category on the top right corner. If you want to do multiple pricing for the existing category select the pencil icon in front of the category name. 

To find more info on how to create a new category click here

Scroll down to the Product Fields section and click Add new field. In the pop-up menu that appears write a field’s name and select Image as a type. Click Apply.

3. Now, if you go to a Products – All products section, you will see a new field appear. 

Upload new images to existing products manually (click on empty space under the new field, select your image and click a blue stick); 

create a new product in the category (select Add new {your category name} product;

upload automatically. Read more about how you can use CSV, store import (e.g. Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce),  or websites, Google Drive, Dropbox.      

4. Go to your product and select the catalog you want to include your product in or create a new one. 

Go to the Grid Template section. Select the desired template by clicking on it. Then click on the pencil icon, that appears when the mouse cursor is pointing into the template option.  

5. Find a created field in the right part of the pop-up menu. Press + icon to add a field to the working space.

6. Customize the image field size and select a product from the left menu to preview the result. 

Click Apply and close a Template window.

IMPORTANT! Changes that have been made in a template will take place across ALL the catalogs this template is used. 

Option 2: Managing products from the catalog

You can create multiple images of a product directly in the catalog. 

1. Select the Product icon on the right part of the screen.

2. Pick up the product you want to change and place the cursor into it. 

3. Click on the appeared pencil icon.

4. In the popped-up window you will see all the fields that are allocated to the product. To create a new field scroll down and press edit category.

5. Scroll down to the Product field section and press Add new field.

6. In the popped-up window write down a name of a new field and select Image type. Click apply. 

7. Press Update Product Category. 

8. The created category will appear at the opened window. Find it and press Upload, if you want to import an image from your device, or Select, if the needed image has been  already uploaded at the platform.   

9. Save changes. 

10. Go to the Template section and add a created field to the template, you are using. 

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