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Product Inventory

How to manage your product inventory and display product stock in catalogs and Showroom

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Manage and display your product inventory with Catalog Machine in a few simple steps.

  • The first part of the article describes updating products and variants quantity. 

  • The second part - how catalogs and Showroom can use the "In Stock" attribute to filter products for display. 

Definition: The product is considered In Stock when the product field Stock Quantity or any variant Quantity field is greater than zero.

A. Edit Product Inventory

  • Filter products by collection, category or stock attribute

2. Update individual products or variants quantity

  • The product list displays all product variants and edit variant quantity if a product has any variant.

  • Otherwise, product inventory quantity will be edited on the product level in the field Stock Quantity. This field will be added to the category if it doesn't exist.

Product variants quantity or product field will be updated and the In Stock attribute is set.

3. Change quantity in bulk by selecting products

4. Export and import product inventory as CSV in the special format to modify the quantity in bulk

  • Code is a mandatory column to identify a product

  • SKU is required if you want to edit the variant quantity

  • Quantity will be applied to product or variant based on previous columns

  • The rest of the fields are for information purpose only

B. Using In Stock product attribute in catalogs and Showroom

Display product stock for the product in templates or page elements

Add {{Stock Quantity}} to the text box. Read more about editing templates.

You can use conditional expressions:

{{If Stock Quantity > 0}}Quantity: {{Stock Quantity}}{{/If}}

Display variants using variants collection expression. Read more about variants.


Dynamic product filtering based on the In Stock attribute.

Every time a product goes in or out of stock, the the collection pages, product list or Showroom will change.

1. Collection pages in Grids 

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