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Product Comparision, Datasheet or Feature tables
Product Comparision, Datasheet or Feature tables

How to create cross-reference multi-dimensional product and feature tables

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Create product tables in 2 dimensions using our product iterator expression {{Products1}} and {{Products2}} to create feature or comparison data sheet tables.

Tip - Product Features

If you want to list product features, create each feature as a separate product.

Feature = Product

You can create a product category Feature with all required attributes and features as products under this category. You can use all product edit tools the same way as with regular products.

Create Feature, Comparision or Datasheet Table

1. Add product list component to the page and select regular products in

2. New Product List Editor popup will open to select products. Click Create List

You can always edit the product list later

3. Click to edit the text and replace in Code mode with the text below


<!--{{Products1: Product1.Category=Feature}}-->


  1. {{Products}} iterator lists all products you selected in Product List Editor. Reference these products with field name as usually, e.g. {{Name}}, {{Price}}

  2. {{Products1}} iterator lists all your products in the account database, so you can filter them using expressions, e.g. {{Products1: Product1.Category=Feature:LimitBy=5}} - show first five products in category Feature

  3. Use expression prefix Product1 to reference {{Products1}} current iterator's product, e.g. {{Product1.Name}}

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