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Showroom Custom Pages
Showroom Custom Pages
How to add custom pages with products to Showroom
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Manage custom pages for Showroom as an addition to built-in product pages. Each Showroom can have its own set of custom pages. You can put there your marketing or sales material, and embed automatic product lists.

Learn more about how to create a Showroom.

1. Add a new page

Select your Showroom and go to Page Tab. Click Add new page.

Enter page title and permalink (a path under Showroom URL).

You can always preview your page using the full link in the form or in the page list

2. Enter page content

Enter any text, insert images and use product expression. Format text with fonts, colors, and styles using a text editor.

Use Product List Editor to build automated product tables:

You can select products, fields, and design of the table

Alternatively, you can use any product expression for a more flexible format like

{{Products: Category = Shoes}}
{{Image:Fit:40:40}} {{Name}} {{Price}} {{Product Order Link}}

Note: {{Product Order Link}} is a special expression to allow customers to add the product to order.

Use parameters for shared content fragments or variables like discounts, rates, etc.

{{Business Logo:Fit:100:50}}
Contact us {{Contact Information}}

3. Order pages

Order pages by drag and drop relative to your product section in the Showroom

4. Publish and preview pages in your Showroom

Note: Pages will appear after publishing, but you can preview pages drafts if you are logged in by directly clicking on the link

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