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Create your product catalog
Create your product catalog

How to setup, build and publish your product catalog

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Watch a video tutorial how to build a product catalog

Before you start

Do you need products for your catalogs or can you simply make a catalog with text and images?

Using products for building catalogs has several advantages: 

  • convenient management of product data and images

  • reuse same products in different catalogs and Showroom

  • automatic update of catalogs when products change

And the biggest benefit - quickly create multiple product pages and maintain them later with product updates. You can import products from the following sources:

New Catalog

Click New Catalog on the left sidebar or go directly to New Catalog page.

Select what type of catalog you want to configure. You can always make a decision later combining different templates in the designer.

If you want to create your unique catalog, choose Blank, Product Grid, or Price List options. You also have a chance to use the templates we've already created for you.

Click on Catalog Template and Select Catalog Template.

  1. From the left sidebar, select your industry or type of catalog you want to create.

  2. Click on Preview to check out the catalog design.

  3. Start your catalog with the Select Template option.

  4. All of the designs are easily customizable.

If you haven't found a design that you want to use, click the Custom Catalog.

Catalog Designer

After creating a new catalog, you will see a screen with the following features

1. Compose a page - click or drag & drop elements like products, images, text or special product lists, templates from the right panel.

2. Add new pages - blank or other page types: cover, price list, line sheet, table of contents, etc.

3. Create Product Grids - multiple pages with product blocks and assigned templates. Read more about creating and updating grids.

4. View, reorder and delete pages in the left page list panel

5. Save, restore or undo catalog changes on the top bar. Use clipboard for pages and elements.

6. Preview online catalog or download PDF from the View / Download menu above the page list.

7. Modify catalog setting (from the left sidebar menu) - pages size, font, colors, header / footer, etc.

8. Add other catalog pages. Read more about master and sub-catalogs.

9. Copy, delete a catalog or switch to other catalogs by clicking a catalog name in the top bar

10. Publish and share a catalog in different formats

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